Consumables Release

Castledao players, we have some exciting news to share with you! Our latest release brings a host of new features to the game, including a revamped daily ruby claim system, new consumables, and a new inventory feature. In this post, we'll go over all the details of these new additions and what they mean for your gameplay experience.

First off, let's talk about the daily ruby claim system. From now on, when you claim your daily ruby, you will receive a random value between 25, 50, 75, 100, or 200 ruby. This adds an element of surprise and excitement to the daily routine of playing the game.

Next up, we're introducing a new way to spend your ruby with the introduction of consumables. These powerful items can be purchased at the blacksmith and used to give your cards a boost during battles. Each consumable offers a different benefit and can be used once per fight. With a variety of consumables to choose from, players can strategize and experiment with different combinations to find the best fit for their playstyle.

To keep track of your consumables, we have also added a new inventory section, where players can view and manage all their consumables. This section can be accessed by clicking on your user account in the top right menu and also before the fight is starting.

In addition, players can now earn consumables randomly after a fight, giving you more opportunities to acquire and try out different consumables.

We've also made some balance changes to the game, specifically nerfing the intelligence of the 'smol brains' creatures to make battles a bit more challenging.

As a reward for our dedicated players, this month we're offering the top players an Adventurer of the Void card and 15 magic for each other player in the leaderboard. So make sure to keep playing and stay at the top of the leaderboard!

We're excited for you to try out these new features and we can't wait to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think of the new additions in our Discord!

If you have want to know more about us, please, refer to our Discord.